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ArtMoorHouse introduces a duality of two exhibitions; A physical presentation of unique collages and a simultaneous display of a digital artworks shown in a 3D metaverse.

James Alec Hardy has been producing video artworks for 20 years, obsessed with pushing the medium to its limits. The collages on show in the building are C-type video prints produced from abstract video feedback. The digital artworks in the metaverse space are produced using photographs of these works processed using artificial intelligence and shown as morphing animations in a clone of the physical space.

James initiates his work using analogue techniques working with his hands, and then digitises in order to manipulate and evolve the work in a digital workflow. Digital art requires a screen to be seen and experienced, here the 3D metaverse gallery he has created can be accessed via smartphone, computer or virtual reality headset.

His art practice is a critique of “screen-based culture”; using both analog and software based tools and techniques to challenge, create and navigate the contemporary virtual and philosophical space the 21st century brings. The recent mass adoption of blockchain technologies and marketplaces has enabled these ethereal digital works to be readily collected as 1/1 NFTs alongside the traditional framed unique artworks in the exhibition.

  • Please click on the works in the metaverse space to find further details, and also explore the digital space for hidden experiences.

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