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Mixed Media Print Collage4 Panels

(each 50cm x 60cm) 100cm x 120cm2020 Unique

“Spaces in Spaces in Spaces”

ArtMoorHouse introduces a duality of two exhibitions; A physical presentation of

unique collages and a simultaneous display of a digital artworks shown in a 3D


The collages on show in the building are C-type video prints produced from abstract video feedback. The digital artworks

in the metaverse space are produced using photographs of these works

processed using artificial intelligence and shown as morphing animations in a

clone of the physical space.

The 3D metaverse gallery can be accessed via smartphone, computer or

virtual reality headset and can be accessed from link in bio, the physical

works are viewable by appointment only.

Following this exhibition, in April the physical works will be removed and the

virtual space will present a new group exhibition featuring access to extra

spaces and interactions.

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